Start the Day with Positive Thoughts

One of the things I’m guilty of is checking all my notifications on my phone when I wake up. I’ll check my news feed and maybe look at Twitter or YouTube notifications first thing in the morning, exposing myself to possible negative news and glaring images. Since most of us keep our smartphones on the nightstand, we have an urge to reach for them when we first wake up. “I’ll just check the time,” I think. But then I keep checking more and more apps and notifications, and before I know it my thoughts are running in different and negative directions.

More than ever before, we are being bombarded with negative messages in the media and in our news feeds first thing in the morning, leading to an increase in depression, stress, and a feeling of being overwhelmed early in the day. This can lead to headaches and anxiety, and make us more likely to say we had a bad day at the end of it.

Instead of starting the day like this, do something you enjoy, such as meditation, exercising, or just relaxing with a cup of coffee. This can help to start your day on a more positive note. It protects you from the gloom-and-doom news of the world, and gives you more space to switch into a positive place in the morning. Get an “old-timey” regular alarm clock that doesn’t come with a bunch of distractions and put that smartphone in another room if you have to.

One of the main reasons for stress in our lives is the feeling of powerlessness we get when faced with things outside of our control. Instead of feeling this way, put yourself in control of the situation by doing something to problem solve. For example, if you see bad news on Facebook about something, think about what you could do about it. You could donate money to an organization that supports a cause you care about instead of feeling helpless against it.

These are a few ideas about how to start you day on a positive note, and how to take control of those stress feelings. Let me know if you have any luck with these in the comments!


The Power of Attitude

We have all come in contact with those people who have a million excuses: they’re negative, complaining, and toxic. They have a poor attitude. They say “Woe is me, my life is so hard.” Sometimes it’s our friends, family, or co-workers. Sometimes it’s us!! After a while they drag you down to their level. This has happened to me numerous times, and maybe I’ve done it to others.

Attitude is everything and affects every setback and obstacle we face. Situations, obstacles, and problems are just situations, problems, or obstacles. They aren’t good or bad, they just are. It’s how we cope with such situations that turns them either good or bad. We can turn every negative into a positive with the right attitude, positive vibe, or flow.

I’m working on my positive attitude right now, and not letting my subconscious mind drag me down. I’m managing my thoughts and turning any negative thought into a positive one. Don’t watch the sad news and be dragged down by the negativity. Face everyday with enthusiasm, passion, motivation, and determination to have a positive attitude. When faced with anything or anyone that’s negative, turn it around with a positive attitude. Think big and loud. Feel content and satisfied, and you’ll be surprised at how fast your life will change!