4 Ways to Maximize Your Workout — At Work

Most of us see exercise as a separate time commitment, like we have to go the gym for so long and sweat so much. The truth is that there are a lot of ways to move during the day that count as exercise, and anything that keeps you active and moving is a great way to drop some pounds. Here are some ways to maximize the amount of movement you get during the day.

Take the Stairs

Pretend like the elevator doesn’t exist! If you work on the 20th floor this could be difficult, but start off slow and work your way up. Including this healthy habit will lead to increased flexibility and resilience, not to mention increased muscle mass and endurance.

Park Far Away from the Entrance

The farther away you park from the door, the more steps it takes to get there. Keep this in mind wherever you go–the grocery store, the mall–to get in some more movements. Walking just a quarter mile a day can help improve a sedentary lifestyle.

Take Five for Exercise

Take a five-minute break at work for some energy-building movements. It’s best during those afternoon hours when you feel like taking a nap. Instead of reaching for more coffee, do some active reps, stand up at your desk, or take a lap around the floor. Who cares if you look strange doing lunges down the hallway, you’re staying active!!

Challenge a Friend

If you stay active with your co-workers, you’re more likely to commit to being healthy. I once worked at a place where we would race each other down 12 flights of stairs. This helped keep us awake and was also fun to do with a buddy. You could also wear a pedometer and compete with each other to see who has the most steps. Friendly competition keeps it interesting and fun!

What are some other ways to move and improve at work? Let me know what you think in the comments!



Fitness Trend: Water Workouts

Water provides great resistance for a workout, and the newest fitness trends involving water are increasing that resistance even more through spin bikes, kettle bells, and stand-up paddle (SUP) boards. You can even add hand paddles to your workout to increase the resistance of your reps.

Water is a great training tool, and studies show that exercisers who trained in water improved their ab strength more than those who used resistance up on land (European Journal of Applied Physiology). One of my favorite water exercises is stand-up paddle boarding. The newest SUP trend involves resistance bands tethering together boards in a pool, while users do planks and squats, shifting their weight to work out those rarely-used muscles.

For those who hate cycling because of the stress on their joints, why not try it underwater? Aqua cycling is a submerged version of a spin class, where bikes are in waist-high water. You can get all that cardio without the soreness later, and you get a natural massage from the water while you pedal.

There are even new devices to track your water workout, such as the Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer’s Edition tracker band. It can monitor your laps, distance, and time in the pool. And it’s important to have the right shoes to keep your feet in the aqua bikes, such as BodyGlove’s Dynamo Rapid water shoes. Search for water-based classes near you, and let me know in the comments if you like these kinds of workouts.