Yoga for Back Care

Whether your back pains come from moving heavy patients, sleeping on an old mattress, or doing any other work around the house, yoga can help you stretch out your back and relieve sore muscles. Yoga can help you maintain flexibility and extend the life of your bedside nursing career. It can prevent injury, build strength, and relieve pain. I like the workout “Back Care Yoga” with Rodney Yee, but I’m sure there are others out there. Chronic back pain affects medical professionals all over the world because of the nature of our work, so take care of your back!

Another exercise to try is using a foam roller. These are great for improving circulation and blood flow to muscles. Some are available with built-in ridges for a soothing massage feeling. The roller stick is also available, and the roller balls for plantar fasciitis. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these remedies for sore muscles and if they worked for you.