Balance, Letting Go, and Non-Striving

Balance means different things to everyone. Some people are content where they are in life, and don’t want to achieve anything more. Some people are constantly striving, but don’t seem to get anywhere. When I was studying for my Bachelors in nursing, one professor started off every class with a meditation. Each week we would focus on a different aspect of mindfulness. One of them was “Letting Go.” It’s important to let go of worry, anxiety, fears, and to just be present in the moment. This is one of the ways I’m working to bring balance to my life. Once you realize that all worry is futile, and is nothing but a waste of time, more balance and happiness will come into your life.

There are many videos on YouTube that are all about letting go of worries, fears, and past relationships. I like the guided meditations that can help calm and relax me after a stressful shift. Another aspect of mindfulness that goes along with Letting Go, is Non-Striving. The meditation that we would listen to in class was by Jon Kabat-Zinn, and his non-striving explanation can be found here. There are nine aspects of mindfulness and Jon Kabat-Zinn provides excellent resources.

If you are looking to add balance to your life, I highly recommend some form of meditation.

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2 thoughts on “Balance, Letting Go, and Non-Striving

  1. Letting go is oftentimes one of the hardest things for people to do. Letting go makes me think of quitting or not caring anymore. Both of these are contrary to wanting to work hard and succeed yet in today’s hectic and chaotic world are crucial to having a healthy life. Quitting worrying about outcomes you cannot control and not caring about the policies your superiors enact to benefit themselves. Work for ‘you’ and you’ll never have a bad day. Work for ‘you’ and you feel pride once again in a job well done. Take the time to incorporate the above meditation techniques and think about how to begin working for ‘you’.


    • Mindfulness meditation is hard to master and takes a lot of practice. Letting go is about not grasping or clinging to what we want. Allow things to “be” as they are. This goes along well with non-striving. It takes practice each moment to stop clinging and to just “let it be”. Our breath can remind us to let go.


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