We tell our patients to perform range-of-motion exercises to increase their flexibility and better perform activities of daily living. Yet, during the course of a shift, I find myself getting tight muscles from stress, bending down too much (and too far), and just feeling like I need to do a big stretch. That’s why I take my own advice and stretch out during the day at work. I slip off my shoes and stretch out my feet with some plantar fasciitis-preventing stretches. If I’m sitting at my computer and charting for more than 15 minutes I’ll usually reach up to the sky and do a big stretch. It feels really good!

Stretching may sound mundane and boring, but it can help prevent injury, and improve your circulation and overall health. It also helped me with my plantar fasciitis. The pain didn’t go away completely, but it was better than it had been. Loosen up your muscles with at least 10 minutes of stretching a day, and you’ll be surprised by the results.


2 thoughts on “Stretching

  1. Excellent points about the need for stretching and movement; especially as we do our daily routines. Movement = better health.


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